Therapy Management

HealthPRO® has been at the forefront of innovative rehab delivery for over a decade with a proven track record of achieving unparalleled results.  In addition, HealthPRO® was the first therapy company to offer clients a choice between in-house and contract therapy solutions, demonstrating a true commitment to our clients’ well-being and a depth of expertise that is unsurpassed in our profession.

Both models come with their own distinct set of advantages and both are mutually accompanied by HealthPRO’s real-time performance management, clinical programming, recruitment support, sophisticated technology & compliance management. To best meet your needs – clients have the strategic option of transitioning from one model to another.


In-House Therapy Management

HealthPRO's unique in-house management model capitalizes on the strengths of your rehabilitation department, while augmenting your performance with our clinical management expertise,  sophisticated web-based technology solution, and comprehensive support services.

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Outsourcing/Contract Therapy 

HealthPRO's full-service contract therapy model offers a turnkey solution to clients who prefer to outsource their rehabilitation department. By entrusting us with the management and staffing of your rehab program, we shoulder the strategic, operational, and financial responsibilities, thus mitigating risk in today’s regulatory environment. 

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Whether you choose our In-house Therapy Management or Contract Therapy approach, your rehab department will attain new heights in exceptional patient care – achieving measurably improved  outcomes, enhanced  performance, and a strong return on investment.